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ADHD ADS by wrong bite?

ADHD ADS by wrong bite?
26. April 2016 Dr. Stefanie Morlok

ADHD, ADS – the real cause may be malfunctions of the teeth or jaw

Zappelphilip by wrong bite?

It can lead to unresting conditions in children due to the wrong load on the teeth due to oblique teeth or misalignment. If one considers this connection, the symptoms can develop chronically. It has long been known that disorders of the cervical spine can lead to ADHD / ADS. A false bite always leads to disturbances of the cervical spine and thus the bite itself can be detected as a direct cause for ADHD or ADS as a misleading.

What can you do about it?

In principle, all young children from the age of 5-6 years should be presented to an orthodontist, who also has knowledge of dental function disorders, according to Dr. Stefanie Morlok, Master of Science of orthodontics and dentist for functional disorders and CMD (craniomandibular dysfunctions) from Munich. For: some defects must be treated very early in a so-called orthodontic treatment to prevent the negative effects of the wrong bite on the body and its growth.

Orthodontic treatment is not performed with fixed braces, but with removable devices that can positively influence the growth potential of the chewing appliance. The jaws are thus expanded, the bite is increased and the correct relation of the upper and lower jaw is found.

This balance, symmetry and harmony in the teeth, the pines and the jaw joints also lead to a better position of the cervical spine, the neck muscles and the shoulder belt. Considering how many nerves in this area benefit from a relaxed and correct position, one can well imagine that even unrest can be caused by a false bis-situation.

Thus, in orthodontics, not only is aesthetics to be brought to the fore, but more importantly the health, the function and the balance in the bite, which should not strain the body.



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