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Functional orthodontics in AD (H) S

ADHD / ADD – the real cause may be CMD (craniomandibular dysfunctions)

Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) already exists in childhood. “CMD is an umbrella term for structural, functional, biochemical and psychological dysregulations of the muscle or joint function of temporomandibular joints” (Wikipedia). CMD always has a connection with the head joints and the cervical spine.

Trauriges Kind in einem Karton

What does this have to do with ADHD or ADD?

Children with malocclusions or jaw malformations may be disturbed by their resulting dental malfunction (CMD). These may become chronic if the CMD is not treated. Many symptoms of orthodontically affected children are identical to symptoms of ADHD / ADD. It is known that cervical dysfunction can be closely correlated with ADHD / ADD (see also link to study below), CMD always have the connection. For this reason, a direct link can be drawn from dental and orthodontic dysfunction to ADD and ADHD. This is also confirmed by the CMD umbrella organization.

There is an early risk screening advocated, often small corrections of bite and body statics are sufficient to allow a normal development of children. Especially jaw malpositions such as crossbites, symmetry disorders, cover bites, deep bites, back bites and bites can have a strong effect on the head joints, on the cervical spine and on nerve tissue such as brain nerves or spinal cord.

This may cause classic CMD symptoms (see CMD on this website). This includes the restlessness and other symptoms of ADHD / ADD.

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