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Dental Functional Therapy in Sport

Functional Therapy in Sport

Especially for recreational athletes and competitive athletes, dentistry has an important role within sports medicine. There are a number of burdensome interference fields that are directly related to athletic performance. Many are aware that the teeth and tooth areas are directly linked to the organs. For example, the cause of chronic joint inflammation may be in an inflamed dental area.


We can use the CMD diagnostic methods to determine if the bite or the tooth area is having a negative impact on your athletic performance. Furthermore, a functional improvement can be achieved by optimizing the bite and the chewing organ. This is interesting for all sports disciplines.

Also noteworthy are the asymmetrical sports, as there is a particularly high degree of interaction in the craniomandibular area.


Hier finden Sie unseren Praxisflyer zur Funktionstherapie im Sport.

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The following areas should be noted:

  • a good bite
  • balanced masticatory muscle
  • Temporomandibular Joints in the Lot
  • good tongue attitude
  • nasal breathing
  • Inflammation in the tooth area
  • Incompatibilities of dental materials
  • Measuring the impact of the craniomandibular area on athletic performance

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