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Holistic Orthodontics and Bionator

Holistic Orthodontics and Bionator

When orthodontic deformities are resolved, the entire body is confronted with major changes. These are accompanied holistically by us.

Osteopathy in holistic orthodontics

The connective tissue of the body hangs together like a net from head to toe. If changes are made in the jaw, osteopathy can accompany and relieve the connective tissue, muscles, nerves, vessels and skeleton. Malformations of the jaw and teeth can result from blockages in the muscle or connective tissue. These must be eliminated together with their causes, so that there is no relapse of the malpositions and the results of the orthodontic treatment remain stable. Osteopathic treatment always has a positive effect on orthodontic treatment.

The role of posture in holistic orthodontics

Only by observing the body statics, a symmetrical and harmonious result in orthodontics can be achieved. For this reason, we create a posture analysis. We work out postural exercises and work together with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and eurythmy therapists. The neuromuscular regulation with soles from podoetiology and podo-orthesiology can be of great benefit in holistic orthodontic treatment. The passive devices, such as the Bionator or the function regulator, also have a neuromuscular influence on posture. Also, the successive improvement of the tooth and jaw malposition can lead to the improvement of posture.

Metabolism in holistic orthodontics

Orthodontic deformities can be favored by a disturbed metabolism. For this reason, good medical analysis accompanying orthodontic treatment is important. Improving dietary habits or treating metabolic diseases can make treatment more successful. The substitution of vitamins and the treatment with homeopathy can improve. Treatment with the Bionator, which relieves pressure in an overloaded chewing system and also relieves vegetative load, can lead to a metabolic improvement.

Respiration, speech therapy and speech in holistic orthodontics

Breathing plays an important role in holistic orthodontics. By a harmful mouth breathing it comes to tooth and Kieferfehlstellungen. Bionator therapy actively supports the stopping of mouth breathing. Crowds and forced bites dissolve, too high a palate flattens out and thus leads to better nasal breathing. Breathing exercises can be carried out accompanying holistic orthodontics.

Tongue malposition, tongue swallowing, speech errors, etc. can be caused by a tooth and jaw malposition, but these problems can also lead to a tooth and jaw malposition. This in turn worsens the possibility of getting rid of these speech and speech problems. For this reason, it makes sense to combine holistic orthodontics with speech therapy and / or speech therapy. We work in particular with anthroposophic speech therapy. On the other hand, it is just as necessary to combine logopedic or speech therapy with holistic orthodontics.

Treatment of adults

We also perform orthodontics in adults. Especially in patients with craniomandibular dysfunctions this may be necessary as a final treatment to correct the bite so that it causes no further symptoms or favors.

Holistic orthodontics
in children and adolescents

Treatment in children from 5 to 10 years

From 5 to 10 years of age, holistic orthodontics is particularly successful, as it can take advantage of the child’s growth in the regulation of dental and jaw malformations. By carrying a device such as the Bionator or the function controller for 24 hours, growth can be directed in a favorable direction. Teeth or the tongue can not interfere with each other, thus driving growth in the wrong direction. The teeth are not simply pushed in a certain standardized direction, but by relieving it comes to a harmonization and correction by the body’s own forces through better guidance and relief by a device.

Especially at this age it is important to optimize the breathing and to work on the posture. Here holistic orthodontics supports. The bionator e.g. helps passively and without pressure to a bite improvement and a development of the jaw.

Treatment of children over 11 years

For children over the age of 11, who have not previously received orthodontic treatment, the indication for removable devices is very stringent. There is not much time left to regulate. This is due to the limitation of growth (in girls ended much earlier than boys) and also the willingness of a child to undergo treatment (puberty – less willingness). Depending on the malposition, it may already be necessary to treat with fixed measures. However, these should always be accompanied and supplemented with further measures.

Mental disorders or ADHD in holistic orthodontics

Dental and jaw deformities can lead to developmental disorders of the children. Forced bite or incorrect breathing may favor a child’s mental disorder. It is also discussed in ADHD that relieving a false bite leads to an improvement in the symptoms. Often an accompanying child psychology therapy is necessary to open up all potential to the child. These points and interdisciplinary links are all important in the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic disorders.

Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) in children

Especially in children there is often a craniomandibular dysfunction CMD. Here, orthodontic treatment is particularly helpful and is usually urgently needed.

Prof. Balters, the developer of the Bionator said:

“Bionate therapy is a holistic measure. It is not limited to the correction of tooth position and dentition, but is focused on the cause of the misconduct, the symptom of which in the dentition is the deformation, in the skeletal damage of the musculo-skeletal system and, in relation to the organs, disorders of the orthostatic complex. Therapy must therefore be comprehensive and subject to the requirements of health. ”

Since the Bionator (or other functional orthodontic appliances) not only on the teeth and the masticatory apparatus, but also on the body act holistically, the dental and jaw deformities are thereby improved and treated. There is an improvement of:

  • posture
  • Breathing (mouth breathing is abrained, for example)
  • chewing and swallowing pattern
  • mental and emotional development
  • defenses
  • promoting whole blood circulation
  • Promotion of Lymphatic Flow
  • caries activity
  • bite and tooth position

It comes through a holistic treatment to less tooth decay, fewer colds and the bite develops better.

Depending on the symptoms and necessity, we also treat with the following means:

  • Multiband therapy (also called lingual technique)
  • Orthodontics with invisible splints
  • Crozat treatment
  • Expansion plates and bite plates
  • palatal expansion
  • Mini Plants

We complement orthodontics with holistic methods.
These include:

  • Functional analysis (teeth and jaw)
  • Measuring the tension of the masticatory muscles with EMG (electromyogram)
  • Measurement of temporomandibular joints and movements with cinematography
  • Analysis and therapy of posture, analysis of feet (podo-orthesiology, podoetiology)
  • Material testing with EAV (full electroacupuncture) and LTT (lymphocyte transformation test), metabolic check with EAV (full electroacupuncture) and LTT (lymphocyte transformation test) and blood tests
  • interdisciplinary collaboration with osteopaths, anthroposophic therapists and physicians, physiotherapists and paediatricians

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