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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry in Munich and Utting am Ammersee

If a person has a local tooth or jaw problem, it makes sense to also observe the rest of the body. Everyone is a connected organism. Local tooth and jaw symptoms can therefore be treated optimally by looking at people as a whole. There are various methods in holistic dentistry, which are explained in the following.

Interference field diagnostics

A toothed tooth can cause diseases and problems throughout the body. With the EAV, the Elektroakupunktur after Voll, we can try to find out whether a Zahnherd triggers a physical problem.

Amalgam removal and amalgam discharge

Amalgam fillings contain mercury and other polluting heavy metals. With the EAV, the electroacupuncture according to Vol, it can be measured whether the body is loaded with amalgam. Before the amalgam is removed, the body is prepared homeopathically for the detoxification process. After removal, detoxifying agents are administered. The following criteria are taken into account when removing the amalgam filling: Good extraction of the amalgam vapor, shielding with rubber dam, protection by appropriate covering of the nose and oxygen application.

Acupuncture in holistic dentistry

In holistic dentistry, acupuncture is performed mainly in the mouth and the ear. Acupuncture balances the energetic balance, endorphins are released, which leads to relief of the body and stimulates healing. Acupuncture applications in holistic dentistry are e.g. With gagging, muscle problems, spine complaints and tooth inflammation.

Bioenergetic testing

We work with biophysical principles and methods of detection. Any substance or even thoughts can influence body or function positively or negatively. The way in which a substance acts on the body can be traced through these methods of detection. We apply kinesiological methods and electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV).

Bioresonance therapy

Every body and disease has its own vibration. With the method of bioresonance, the body detects negatively effective vibrations and changes them into a vibration that is good for the body. Bioresonance application in holistic dentistry: Wound healing, relief of toothache, relaxation of the masticatory muscles, improvement of periodontal diseases, acceleration of the healing of implants, improvement of pain.

Detoxification of dental materials and medicines

The environmental problems of today have led to the body accumulating more and more pollutants. Its tissue stores toxins. In dentistry, materials and materials are used that can also strain the body. This load can be tested using bioenergetic methods (kinesiology and EAV). We derive this burden from homeopathy, isopathy, vitamins, herbs and enzymes. With lymph drainage and bioresonance therapy, the detoxification process can be mobilized in such a way that the toxins are excreted.

Homeopathy in holistic dentistry

Homoeopathic medication can be used to improve healing and increase defenses. In dental root infections, in the healing of dental interventions and muscle pain in craniomandibular dysfunctions, homeopathies influence the course favorably.

Magnetic field therapy in holistic dentistry

The application of magnetic field therapy results in more blood flow and stimulation of the metabolism of cells, as well as a positive influence on the processes on the cell membrane. Magnetic field therapy can be used in holistic dentistry to support wound healing after dental procedures. Lymphatic congestions that arise after dental ops can be better resolved. Lymphatic congestion can also be caused by malaise. The aim is to solve this problem with magnetic field therapy, which supports orthodontic therapy. Tensions in craniomandibular dysfunctions can be positively influenced and the bone growth after jaw operations is accelerated and supported.

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