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Snoring Therapy

Snoring Therapy

Snoring not only disturbs the environment or the bed partner, but can be a life-limiting and even life-threatening thing

Through breathing mischief (sleep apnea) and snoring can no longer sleep well. It comes to daytime fatigue, which is responsible for many traffic accidents. When breathing, the body gets no oxygen, which is extremely unhealthy for the brain and heart.

For snorers, a dental snorer splint is often a gentle alternative for a cpap mask or an OP. To determine whether a snoring track is the right therapy, certain screenings can be performed. With Apnealink we can determine the snoring, with Quisi we can judge the quality of sleep.


Snoring Published

A snore-splint or snoring clasp keeps the lower jaw in front, so that it can not fall back and thereby close the throat. This prevents snoring and sleep apnea.

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Test: Epworth Sleepyness Scale

Machen Sie den Test, ob Sie eine erhöhte Tagesmüdigkeit durch Schnarchen haben.

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Leiden Sie an einer obstruktiven schlafbezogenen Atemstörung, einer OSAS (Schnarchen, Schlafapnoe)?

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